physics formulas
Physics 101 SE contains 150+ formulas in twenty-three subjects, solved for over 500 variables.

physics formulas

projectile physics
Physics 101 SE contains a powerful projectile motion simulator. Just enter in your initial variables and instantly find every important aspect of the projectile's flight.

projectile physics

Catch some waves with the Oscillation feature and quickly see how position, velocity, and acceleration are related.


RelativisticFX, for special relativity, can quickly show you how one frame views another's velocity, time, mass and length - all at a glance!


Build a virtual series-parallel resistor circuit with mulitple voltage sources. Check the currents anywhere in the circuit and find the power, current and voltage through every resistor!

Circuit Analysis

Use the Free Body Diagram simulator to calculate accelerations and other values for seven popular FBD problems.

free body

motion analysis
Use Motion Analysis to graph a particle under acceleration and see how it relates to velocity.

free body diagram

Our interactive periodic table of elements helps you to quickly get element information and add up molecular weights, then convert beween grams and moles.

interactive periodic table

orbital motion simulator
orbital motion
Quickly explore planetary orbits and their physics data with a few clicks and key-strokes.

orbital calculation

lab report
No more endless calculator keystrokes! Let Lab Report help you focus on results, not tedium.

lab report calculation

physics formulas
See what formula you are using by clicking the "?" button next to the calculate button.

physics formulas

physics guides
Physics 101 SE's formula guides provide a quick and valuable reference to many common physics formulas.

formula guides

unit conversion
Instantly convert units of measurement to others for quick and easy calculation.

physics conversion

"Those two programs [Physics 101 and ProjectileX] have made me the envy of my entire class ... it takes me 5 minutes to do the homework it takes them an hour to do! Thanks so much for making these! I love them!"

- Ian Meyer, AP Physics student

"Thanks so much for this application. I have two daughters reluctant to dip their toes into the world of science because of the math and general abstract nature of the formality of equations. This program coupled with Dean Daugers' Space simulations have livened up the evenings considerably and they now have a more practical sense of the meaning of all the numbers and their relationships to each other."

- David Bishop

"AWESOME utility and excellent interface. Please keep up development -- tools like this are much appreciated."

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"Unbelievable piece of software. Priceless tools and an enormous help. Thank you!"

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"I'v kicked myself several times for not finding [this] earlier! They are just what I need, as I am studying for my final exams, and the extra help and assurance I get from knowing my calculations are correct is just amazing."

- Ashley Easter

"You'll have your very own physics teacher on your home Mac" (Review)

- Illinca Strobel, Softpedia

"Physics 101 SE remains a must-have teaching and learning tool - the number of formulas has swelled to more than 125, and it also includes special modes for simulating projectiles, building virtual circuits and more.

- Macworld Magazine, August 2006

"For physics teachers and students, Physics 101 SE () is a great tool for figuring out the results of physics formulas and understanding how those results were calculated..."

- Macworld Magazine, September 2005

"I wish I had this when I was a student -- Physics 101. Wouldn't you like to have in a single piece of software all the cool algorithms and calculations you need to do as a physics student? Someone has done that and for you. ... It's so cool and fast."

- Phil Schiller, Apple Computer Inc.

And dozens more 5-Star Reviews

Physics 101 SE - The Physics Calculation Software of Choice for Students and Teachers!

Introducing the new Physics 101 SE 8.0 - the preferred physics calculator of students, teachers, and professionals worldwide is now better than ever!

Version 8.0 Introduces:
• Motion Analysis Redone - Better visualize position, velocity, and acceleration relationships in kinematics

The perfect solution for physics students and teachers everywhere, Physics 101 SE is software caluation solution that allows you to focus on physics and not mathematical busywork -- giving you correct answers and fast! With its ability to instantly solve for almost any variable in over 150+ (list of formulas) of the most commonly used physics formulas, you'll be able to quickly and accurately complete physics assignments like never before. Just select the formula you need, enter values like distance and time, then click "calculate." With Physics 101 SE, it’s that simple, every time.

And when you move onto more difficult subjects in physics, such as resistor circuits, kinematic motion analysis, projectile mathematics, relativity and so on, Physics 101 SE becomes even more valuable.

Powerful Vectors

Vectors and vector calculation are regular occurrences in Physics as they are crucial in representing physical events. Vector calculation was exhausting -- until now. Physics 101 SE's vector-addition feature makes vector mathematics easier than ever before, allowing you to calculate up to eight vectors at a time and see the calculations with just a click of the mouse! Even better, the vector feature even allows you to solve for missing vectors -- simply enter the overall magnitude and angle, and select an vector for an automatic calculation.

Master Projectile Mathematics with ProjectileX

Physics 101 SE includes ProjectileX, the most powerful and easy-to-use projectile motion simulator available to students today. Specifically designed to provide the information that you need to know about a projectile in flight, whether it is an ideal motion projectile or one affected by linear air drag, ProjectileX quickly calculates every detail of its trajectory at the click of a mouse.

Circuit Analysis -- Shockingly Easy

With the built-in Circuit Analysis, you can simulate working with a simple electrical circuit without having to deal with actual electrical components. Build a virtual series-parallel circuit with up to 18 resistors, with voltage sources of either polarity placed anywhere in the branches. Once the circuit is constructed, you can find the voltage, current, and power of each resistor. If desired, place ammeters into the circuit to read currents at various places. Circuit Analysis also has a resistor color band calculator to find the resistance of color-coded resistors.

Catch Some Waves with Oscillations
Quickly examine the relationships between position, acceleration and the velocity of a wave. Just enter a few initial conditions and see the graph generated. Roll your mouse over the graph to see specific values in terms of time.

Addressing the physics of sound and sound waves, the new module Superposition allows you to see in real-time how the sounds we hear are oftentimes waveforms adding on to one another. Just move the sliders!

All at a glance with RelativisticFX

Special relativity can be confusing at times, especially when keeping track of which figures dilate and which frames are involved.  With RelativisticFX, just enter your given conditions per reference frame and at a glance you can see the transformations of velocity, length, momentum, and the time of up to three frames. Just by experimenting with this easy-to-use feature, you can get an excellent feeling for the affects of relativity!

Free Body Diagram Simulator

Free Body Diagrams have never been a favorite among students, until now! Letters from students in the 1700s show their disgust for them, but with Physics 101 SE's Free Body Diagram Simulator, you will see how easy they truly are. Complete with seven of the most common problems, you can see how the results change with experimentation, and even see the equations themselves.

Kinematic Motion Analysis

Kinematics was the first study of physics, pioneered by Isaac Newton over 300 years ago when he first constructed the equations that modeled movement. With Motion Analysis, you can enter an object's acceleration, initial velocity and time, and Motion Analysis will instantly graph position versus time and velocity versus time for its movement. Drag your mouse over the graph, and the time, position, and/or velocity will be shown in real time corresponding to the horizontal position of the cursor.

Motion Analysis supports up to four different objects in motion, so that you can quickly compare different accelerations and velocity at a corresponding time with a single click. You can then click the "Data Tables" tab to see the various data for each object at any time you need.


Orbits allows one to quickly see how changing an orbit, be it the eccentricity or other factors, affects orbital period, average velocity, circumferance and so on. Enter your initial values for semi-minor and semi-major axises, then click calculate to see your orbit on the screen. You can even see how changing the orbit affects the values in real-time by using the sliders on the left and bottom!


Optics shows you how a beam of light refracts from one medium to another using Snell's Law. Interactively see how the beam changes by modifying the index of refraction and the incident angle, all by moving the sliders.


This simple periodic table will allow you to forgo using your periodic table to tediously add up molecular weights. This feature goes a step further and converts grams to moles and vice versa for those thermodynamic problems.


Watch as two bodies exchange heat through a common boundary. The simulation, based on Newton's law of cooling, can be used with any type of material! Additionally, you can also see the body cool or warm up to a static enviromental temperature.

Orbital Motion

Physics 101 SE wasn't rocket science... until now. Physics 101 SE now allows you to take your physics to the next level -- space rocketry! Accounting for air drag and more, this simulation models up to a three-stage rocket obtaining orbit. The simulation can even simulate varying characteristics of other planets and their atmospheres! Create a custom rocket with just enough power to leave orbit from the planet of your choice-- too little and your rocket will crash; too much and it will careen into the darkness of space.


Interactively view the electromagnetic spectrum with Physics 101 SE's Spectrum. As you move the slider, you get to see the frequency and wavelength relationship. Not only that, but you'll get to see whether the range is in radio, microwave, visible light and more!

Lab Report

Lab Report takes the drudgery out of lab report calculations with its ability to work on a set of data-points quickly and efficiently. Enter what the actual value should be, select the number of data points you have collected, then enter your data points. Live calculation will show you the percent error and efficiency instantly! Once your data points are entered, the averages, deviation, and average percent error will be calculated, along with the standard deviation. With Lab Report, you can focus on the results, not the ability to press countless calculator buttons error-free.

Formula Guides

Since physics formulas have to be combined, substituted, derived, and integrated in infinite ways to solve physics problems, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out even how to begin solving them. With a quick glance at Physics 101 SE's formula guides, which show many of the commonly-used physics formulas and their isolated variables, you'll see new ways of approaching difficult physics problems. Simply knowing how to start working on a problem can save you large amounts of time and frustration.

Abbreviation Lookup

Ever wonder what eV stands for or what is the unit of the permitivity of free space? Wonder no longer - just check it in the abbreviation lookup window. There you will find the abbreviations of both the name and unit common to certain topics in physics.

Unit Converter

Physics 101 SE even includes a handy unit converter, which will quickly convert a measurement that you enter into other common units of measurement, without the gigantic hassle of having to memorize and calculate the numerous conversion formulas by hand. You can then click on the converted measurement that you need to instantly copy it to the clipboard, so you can then paste it into one of Physics 101 SE’s formulas for quick and easy calculation.


Don't get caught taking Physics without Physics 101 SE! Priced with students in mind, Physics 101 SE is essential for every physics student of any level. Make it part of your physics strategy today.

Still not convinced? Try the free demo!

The demo will give you a taste of the capabilities of this application. Random values have been locked into the white fields and other features disabled, but you will still be able to experiment with the calculations and features. The demo also restricts the use of certain buttons.

Remember, the full, unrestricted version is only $4.95 and comes with many extra features, such as a projectile motion simulator, RelativisticFX, Oscillations, printable formula guides, PeriodicX and much, much more!

Macintosh Requirements
PC Requirements
  • Monitor resolution 1024x768 or higher REQUIRED
  • Intel Mac
  • Mac OS 10.6 or greater.
  • Monitor resolution 1024x768 or higher REQUIRED
  • Windows 7,8,10
NOTE: If you have an older system than this, the software may still work. We encourage you to download the demo to try it.

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