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This is not just an update. This is an overhaul.

Every feature has been updated, modified, or remastered in some way alongside a completely new equation interface. The new Physics 101 is compiled in 64-bit for the upcoming macOS Catalina.

Understand the world of physics in one app

Physics 101 is a collection of powerful simulations, tools, and equations across the field of physics. Simulate a circuit, or launch a projectile, work with the most common force diagram situations, interact with a light ray, and more. Better understand deep relationships as you see values updated instantly in the simulations or solve for any variable in one of the over 75 equations as you type.

Whether you are a teacher wanting to augment your lessons by displaying interactive graphics before a class or a student wanting a better grasp of the material, Physics 101 is your go-to solution on the Mac or PC.

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